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We don’t take life too seriously, we just wanna create floral amazingness.

The below basically says that if you break it you pay for it, and if someone is silly and hurts themselves doing something they shouldn’t, then we’re not responsible.




Please refer to our what we do page  for a list of our floral creations and the fees to hire each item. Each floral design is POA.


Delivery outside of the Waikato charges may apply (plus GST) per kilometre. We deliver and install our floral creations to any address in the Waikato, North Island.

Our floral designs are available for overseas events please arrange with Aimee from Sienna Reid.

1.3 – BOND

A refundable bond of 50% of the hire fees will be charged for each booking. Any loss or damage will be deducted from the bond. If the loss or damage exceeds the value of the bond, you will be invoiced for the additional costs.

When the Sienna Reid hire item/s are returned in their original condition, the bond will be refunded via bank transfer within three (3) business days.

In other words: Please be gentle, we really love our floral creations and we want them back in the same condition we gave them to you in. That way, the next person gets to have just as much fun with them.


If the Sienna Reid floral creations are not available to be collected on or before the agreed collection time, an additional hire fee may be charged. This additional fee will be due within seven (7) days of the hire period.

In other words: Please make sure the floral creations are ready to go when we arrive. We wanna get home and watch Netflix and drink wine (can you blame us?).


Once your booking is requested, an invoice will be issued. This invoice will include the rental fee/s, delivery fee and bond. A booking is not considered confirmed until the invoice is paid in full, and a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions must be received.

In other words: We need to know you’re serious about your booking. We get lots of enquiries about our floral amazingness and don’t want anyone to miss out only to have you ghost us when we call.



Typically, your items are delivered to the venue on the morning of the event and collected the following morning. Use the Booking Form to specify a delivery time, delivery address (including venue name) and contact details of a person on site.

In other words: You get the floral amazingness for about 24 hours, we promise that is more than enough time to take plenty of amazing pics and impress your guests.


Access to the venue must be available at the agreed delivery time. If access is not available an additional set up fee may be charged.

Please ensure that there is an entrance way to the venue that is at least 2.3m high and 2.3m wide. Please advise on the Booking Form if there are stairs to get into the venue, as our floral walls may not fit due to their size.

In other words: We really need there to be someone who meets us and lets us in. Also, size matters. If we can’t get your floral creation/s in the door…that’s an
epic fail.

2.3 – SET UP

Please provide the contact name and phone number of the person who will be available at the venue to ensure that the Sienna Reid floral design are set up in the correct place and position.

If hired items are moved after set up, any damages incurred will be deducted from the bond.

In other words: As we’ve already said, we need someone to meet us and tell us exactly where the floral love needs to be. Also, if you move things around, that’s OK, but please be really careful.


None of our Sienna Reid designs are waterproof – it cannot be displayed outdoors in the rain or when the ground is damp. If rain is forecast, your hire item/s will not be displayed outdoors.

If fine weather is forecast, and it rains, it is the hirer’s responsibility to safely move the hire item/s indoors. All hire items must be returned in original condition in order for the bond to be refunded.

In other words: We won’t put the floral creations outside if the weather is bad or the weather person says it will turn bad. If it unexpectedly turns bad (this is New Zealand after all), we really need you to bring the Sienna Reid item/s inside, please.


Sienna Reid accepts no liability for any direct or consequential damage, loss, or expense sustained or incurred by the hirer, venue or any other parties when moving hire items, or using them inappropriately.

In other words: If someone at your wedding/party/function/event is playing silly buggers and hurts themselves or someone else using something hired from Sienna Reid – that’s not our fault and we won’t cover costs to fix it or them.


Refunds will not be offered for any cancellations within 30 days of the confirmed booking date. A 50% refund will be offered for any cancellations more than
30 days but less than 60 days from the confirmed booking date.

In other words: Please don’t stand us up, there are lots of other people who would love to have a Sienna Reid creation at their event but missed out.  We understand that plans change – just give us as much notice as possible.